soldportrait of a young lady c1695 attributed to john closterman

SOLD....Portrait of a Young Lady c.1695; Attributed to John Closterman.



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Oil on canvas mounted on board in gilt frame.
A superb quality portrait of a young lady; she wears none of the fashionable Baroque accessories...pearl necklaces or ear pendants...instead she is depicted in her natural unadorned beauty.
At a time when many portraits were produced, a large number of them depicted the sitters in a sterotypical, stylised manner. That is not the case here; this is a remarkably sensitive and extremely talented painting.
The portrait has, at some time in the past, been reduced in size. However, this has not had an adverse effect on the image; on the contrary, as the young woman now fills her space within the frame it is as if she has moved closer to the viewer, creating a strong feeling of intimacy.
This portrait can be dated roughly to the turn of the eighteenth century, a period which corresponds with Closterman's most prolific period in England.
Closterman is notable for having contributed a Baroque richness to his depictions of the seventeenth century English face and this sensitive work must be amongst his most successful portraits of a woman.
JOHN CLOSTERMAN (1660-1711) was born in Osnabruck, the son of an artist. His early training was from his father, but in 1679 he moved to Paris where for two years he studied under the portraitist Francois de Troy.
In 1681 Closterman came to England and entered into partnership with the established portrait painter John Riley.
By 1683 he had developed an independent practice.His clients were mainly from the intellectual and professional middle classes, and included some of the leading writers, artists, musicians and physicians of the day.
In the 1690's, as his reputation grew, he painted for more exalted and aristocratic patrons, like the Dukes of Somerset and Marlborough.
He lived in great splendour in his house in Covent Garden with his wife Hannah.
An exhibition of his work was held by the National Portrait Gallery in 1981 under the title of 'Master of the Baroque Portrait'.
SIZE: 22.5 x 16 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: Staffordshire Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 8611

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