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SOLD.....Portrait of a Gentleman 1743 attributed to Moses Vanderbank



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Oil on canvas in reproduction frame.
A portrait of a gentleman, the canvas inscribed 'M V Pinxt 1743' (M V painted this in 1743).
The subject has his right hand tucked into his coat; this was the accepted symbol of the sitter being a gentleman, who did not work for a living, rather than, for example, a prosperous merchant or lawyer.
His left arm rests upon a plinth...this also is symbolic, signifying the architecture of a large house and estate.
The man stands in a straight backed pose wearing a serious expression, this being considered the correct way for a gentleman of wealth and breeding to present himself to the world.
This is a 'textbook example' of mid 18th c. British portraiture.
Almost certainly this gentleman is the husband of the sitter in portrait 8410, 'Portrait of a Lady 1743; attributed to Moses Vanderbank'.
The portrait is very much in the style of JOHN VANDERBANK (1694-1739), especially the rubbed highlights and the treatment of the flesh tones - where a hot pink and cool grey-green are juxtaposed to suggest glowing skin.
These are Vanderbank's 'trademarks' and instantly recognisable.
However, John died four years before this painting was created.
I believe the answer is that the portrait is by his younger brother MOSES VANDERBANK (1695-after1745). He was a pupil of John's and has followed his brother's manner well. John nearly always signed and dated his portraits, it seems that Moses was influenced even by this.
No other works by Moses have survived, apart from three altarpieces in the 12th c. church at Adel, near Leeds.
Moses Vanderbank was even more improvident than his elder brother who was notorious for drunkenness and was said that only intemperance prevented John from being the best portraitist of his generation.
Moses did not have a talent as great as his brother's, but, as can be seen here, he could produce a portrait of charm and competence.
SIZE: 36 x 28 inches unframed
PROVENANCE: an East Anglian Collection for many years.
Internal Ref: 8412

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