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Oil on canvas in a simple oak frame.
A worn inscription upper left 'ANNE D'AUTRICHE. REINE DE FRANCE'.
This is a pleasing portrait of the young daughter of Philip of Spain painted in the 17th century, copied from, or a version of, an early 17th c. original presumably recording the betrothal of the young princess at the age of ten.
Typical of its period in that no attempt is made to reveal anything of the character or personality of the sitter. This is a State image of wealth and power with much care lavished on the depiction of the fabulously costly effect, this is a political icon.
As such it gives us a fascinating glimpse of early 17th c. Europe.
ANNE OF AUSTRIA, 1601–66, later Queen of France, was the daughter of King Philip III of Spain. She was married to the French King Louis XIII in 1615 at the age of fourteen, having been betrothed to him from the age of ten. This was a marriage of state, uniting powerful nations…it was not a happy marriage.
Neglected by her husband and his mother Marie de Medici who acted as if she was still Queen of France, she sought the society of the court intriguer, Mme de Chevreuse.
Anne's indiscreet behaviour, especially her flirtation with the English Duke of Buckingham, injured her reputation. Her loyalty to Spain and her strong Roman Catholic background made her suspect after France's alliance in 1635 with the Protestant nations in the Thirty Years War.
She was accused by the French minister of state, Cardinal Richelieu, of treasonable correspondence with Spain but was pardoned in1637.
Contrary to the express wish of her husband before his death she was granted, in 1643, by Parlement, full powers as Regent for her son Louis XIV. She entrusted the government to Cardinal Mazarin whom she supported during the revolt of the aristocrats, lead by the Prince de Conde, that became known as the wars of the Fronde.
After Mazarin's death in 1661, her son excluded her from all affairs of state.
Regarded by many as a brilliant and cunning figure, Anne of Austria is a central figure of Alexandre Dumas's 'Three Musketeers'.
SIZE: 25 x 19.6 inches canvas size.
30 x 25 inches framed
PROVENANCE: Buerton Old House, Cheshire.
Verso: old handwritten copperplate inscription 'Purchased from Leon G.... , Abbeville by A.J. P....ll June 19th 1891. Anne of Austria Portrait. .....ngham ..... the .....'
Old framer's label 'SADLERS Ltd, Picture Frame Makers, 29 Pall Mall, Hanley'
Internal Ref: 8418

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