portrait of a young gentleman c1730 circle of francesco trevisani

Portrait of a Young Gentleman c.1730; Circle of Francesco Trevisani.


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Oil on canvas in an old, but later, frame.
The handsome young man, wearing no wig and with his own hair unpowdered, regards the viewer with a confident, rather appraising, look. The portrait has an intimate feel.
There is a real sense of the character and personality of the sitter captured by this as yet unknown but highly talented artist.
FRANCESCO TREVISANI (1656-1746) Active in the period known as early Rococo or late Baroque he was born in Capodistria, Istria (modern Koper now in Slovenia, then part of the Republic of Venice), he was the son of Antonio Trevisani, an architect, by whom he was instructed in the first rudiments of design. He then studied in Venice under Antonio Zanchi. He moved to Rome, where he remained until his death, in 1746. His brother, Angelo Trevisani remained a prominent painter in Venice.
In Rome, he was supported by Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni. He was strongly influenced by Carlo Maratta, as it is manifest in his masterpiece, the frescoes in San Silvestro in Capite (16951696). In this commission, he worked alongside Giuseppe Chiari and Ludovico Gimignani. In Rome, he was favored with the patronage of Cardinal Chigi. Chigi employed him in several considerable works, and recommended him to the protection of Pope Clement XI, who not only commissioned him to paint one of the prophets in San Giovanni Laterano, but engaged him to decorate the cupola of the cathedral in Urbino. There he represented, in fresco, allegories of the four Quarters of the World, in which he displayed much invention and ingenuity. He was employed by the Duke of Modena, in copying the works of Correggio and Parmigianino, and also painted in Brunswick, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, and Vienna.
He became a member of the Academy of Arcadia in 1712. Among his pupils were Francesco Civalli of Perugia, Cav. Lodovico Mazzanti, and Giovanni Batista Bruglii.
SIZE: 36 x 29 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, London.
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