portrait of an officer c1725 by william aikman

Portrait of an Officer, c.1725, by William Aikman.



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Oil on canvas in a fine carved and giltwood period frame.
An excellent portrait of an officer, in a pose much favoured for military men at this time.
(We also have in stock a portrait by Kneller of an older officer in a very similar pose.)
It is typical of Aikman that we have a real sense of the sitter as an individual, not just as 'An Officer'. Despite the fortress in the background, the breastplate and sword the sitter conveys a relaxed informal air, he has a slight smile and wears s velvet coat rather than the usual broadcloth favoured
by the military. A rather intimate, human, touch is how Aikman has shown the slight stubble on the sitter's head where his head has been shaved to let his wig sit more easily.
WILLIAM AIKMAN (1682-1731) was a Scottish portrait painter, only son of the Laird of Cairney, Forfar where he was born. He developed a passion for painting and studied under Medina, sold the family estate and went to Rome in 1707 for three years.
He settled in Edinburgh in 1712 and was an excellent taker of likenesses, the best Edinburgh portraitist of his time, painting most of the nobility, gentry and lawyers.
In 1723, encouraged by the Duke of Argyll, he moved to London where he was not only patronised by Scots, but became well known in literary circles and the friend of Pope, Gray, Thomson and others. He is buried in Grey Friars Church, Edinburgh.
This painting is a good example of Aikman's accomplished mature style when he was emulating Sir Godfrey Kneller, Principal Painter to the King, in the hope of succeeding him.
SIZE: 57 x 48 x 3.5 inches including frame.
PROVENANCE: Many years in an East Yorkshire deceased estate, where it was always inventoried as by Dahl.
Our thanks to Dr Bendor Grosvenor, art historian, for the attribution to William Aikman.
Internal Ref: 8969


Height = 145 cm (57")
Width = 122 cm (48")
Depth = 9 cm (4")

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