portrait of a gentleman in red c1720 attributed to jonathan richardson

Portrait of a Gentleman in Red c.1720; Attributed to Jonathan Richardson.



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Oil on canvas in an 18th century giltwood frame.
Painted within a fashionable feigned oval, the sitter wears an expensive red velvet coat and matching waistcoat.
Sir Godfrey Kneller's influence is clearly seen, but Richardson's depiction of the sitter has a more direct humanity and sensitivity; one feels that the sitter was a man of insight and humour.
JONATHAN RICHARDSON, 16651745, (sometimes called "the Elder" to distinguish him from his son) was an English artist, collector of drawings, and writer on art, working almost entirely as a portrait-painter in London.
He was the leading native-born portrait painter of the first forty years of the century. He and Jervas were in rivalry with Kneller and Dahl. Jervas excelled with women's portraits, Richardson was best with men's. His works were sound, solid, good likenesses, and unpretentious.
Richardson was born in 1666, but when he was about seven his father died and his mother married again. Richardson became a scrivener's apprentice, but he was released early when his master retired. Richardson was lucky enough to be taken on as a painting apprentice by John Riley. He learnt the art of portraiture from Riley whilst living at his master's house. Richardson's wife was Riley's niece.
Both Thomas Hudson and George Knapton worked in his atelier and studied his work.
SIZE: 36.5 x 32 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: In an Oxfordshire Private Collection for three generations.
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Height = 93 cm (37")
Width = 82 cm (32")
Depth = 6 cm (3")

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