portrait of a boy and his dog c1750 circle of bartholomew dandridge

Portrait of a Boy and his Dog c.1750; Circle of Bartholomew Dandridge


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Oil on canvas in 18th century gilt frame.
Standing within a landscape, the young boy looks out at the viewer with quiet confidence, standing with relaxed elegance...one hand on his hip, the other on his dog's head. He wears a beautifully embroidered silk waistcoat; very fashionable.
Although the animal was probably his pet, in portraiture a dog represents fidelity and trust; also when included in a child's portrait it can signify how children, like animals, need to be trained and disciplined to become responsible adults.
In a wealthy gentry family such as the one to which this boy clearly belongs, correct behaviour was vastly important. Even the boy's stance is a reflection of how a gentleman should be.
BARTHOLOMEW DANDRIDGE 1691-c.1755. His initial training was at the St Martinís Lane Academy and with Sir Godfrey Kneller, whose studio and practice he took over in 1731 after the latterís death.
Although trained in the style of Kneller, he was amongst the first in England to respond to the innovations of the rococo which were being imported into England from France in the early and mid 1730ís. These have a liveliness of composition and lightness and freshness of palette which divides them absolutely from the style of the 1720ís.
SIZE: 36 x 31 inches framed.
PROVENANCE: Scottish Private Collection.
Verso: old label for an Edinburgh picture dealer and restorer.
Internal Ref: 8818


Height = 91 cm (36")
Width = 79 cm (31")
Depth = 4 cm (2")

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