portrait of captain henry withypoll 1637 studio of van honthorst

Portrait of Captain Henry Withypoll, 1637; Studio of van Honthorst.



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This is a high quality portrait, oil on canvas, in a fine carved and giltwood 18th century frame. The painting bears the inscription "Capitaie Henerij Whitipol . Major(?) An. 1637"
The inscription has been examined under UV light and, although strengthened, looks original.
The fashionably moustached sitter looks out at us proudly, wearing an officer's silk sash of rank over his armour.
The WITHYPOLLs were a family of very rich merchant adventurers with interests in Bristol and Genoa. Based in Ipswich, owning Christchurch Mansion, now the art gallery.
Sir Edmund Withypoll married Frances, daughter of Sir William Cornwallis of Broke.
Eldest son Sir William (about whom much online); younger son Henry or Harry, baptised Brome 26 Aug 1602.
Between 1646 and 1652 Henry married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Carey.
His wife's family were much involved in the Netherlands on behalf of the States General.
A letter survives dated 10 Jan 1638, Breda, endorsing Capt. Withypoll.
And in 1646 he was described as "residing mostly in Holland where he has a company of soldiers under him". In 1648 he was elevated to the rank of Major in the English regiments in the service of the Dutch States General.
He had died by 1670.
GERRIT VAN HONTHORST (1592 1656) was a Dutch Golden Age painter; born in Utrecht,
He built a considerable reputation both in the Dutch Republic and abroad. Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia, mother of Prince Rupert, sister of Charles I of England, then in exile in the Netherlands, commissioned Honthorst as a painter. Through her he became known to King Charles, who invited him to England in 1628.
After his return to Utrecht, Honthorst retained the patronage of the English monarch, painting for him, in 1631, a large picture of the king and queen of Bohemia and all their children. His popularity in the Netherlands was such that he opened a second studio in the Hague, where he painted portraits of members of the court. These were large studios, where the work of his assistants included making replicas of Honthorst's royal portraits.
SIZE: 37.50inch framed height 3.25inch framed width (95.25 cm framed height 8.25 cm framed width)
PROVENANCE: Collection of Lord Berners, Faringdon House, Oxfordshire. (See last 3 images).
Internal Ref: 9076


Height = 95 cm (38")
Width = 82 cm (32")
Depth = 6 cm (3")

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