portrait of a lady c1700 by michael dahl

Portrait of a Lady c.1700, by Michael Dahl.


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Oil on canvas within an appropriate reproduction frame.
This is a superb quality portrait of a lady; she wears none of the fashionable Baroque accessories...pearl necklaces or ear pendants...instead she is depicted natural and unadorned. Her clothing is discreet, the neckline modest at a time when plunging necklines were a la mode.
At this period many portraits were produced, a large number of them depicted the sitters in a sterotypical, stylised manner. That is not the case here; with a remarkably modern feel to it, this is an extremely sensitive and talented painting.
The sitter regards us, as she did the artist, with a frank and level gaze; this type of portrait usually signifies that the sitter is someone close to the artist, such as a family member.
The portrait has, at some time in the past, been reduced in size. However, this has not had an adverse effect on the image; on the contrary, as the sitter now fills her space within the frame it is as if she has moved closer to the viewer, creating a strong feeling of intimacy.
This portrait can be dated roughly to the turn of the eighteenth century, a period which corresponds with Dahl's most prolific period in England.
MICHAEL DAHL (1659 - 1743).
Dahl was a painter of exceptional talent and regarded as the only really serious rival to Sir Godfrey Kneller, for royal patronage, during the years 1690-1714. Dahl's patterns were undoubtedly indebted to the fashion set by Kneller, but Dahl had a lighter palette, his brushwork applied in shorter and more careful strokes. His portraits of women show greater modesty and refinement, with none of Kneller's occasional brashness.
His self portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery and he is famed for having painted a series of wonderful female portraits for the Duke of Somerset, now at Petworth House, and known as the Petworth Beauties.
Dahl's portraits of members of the royal family hang at Kensington Palace and Windsor and other examples of his work can be found at the Tate and National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
SIZE: 26 x 21.25 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Berkshire Private Collection. Verso: an old, incorrect, handwritten label attributing the portrait to Allan Ramsay.
Internal Ref: 9102


Height = 66 cm (26")
Width = 54 cm (21")
Depth = 5 cm (2")

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