queen elizabeth i dummy board 18th19th century

Queen Elizabeth I dummy board, 18th/19th century



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This naively painted image has great charm and is a rare image of the Virgin Queen. These free standing figures are called Dummy Boards, otherwise known as Silent Companions. They are painted in a very na´ve style, with broad brush strokes, as they were meant to be viewed from a distance.
In many country houses, you are likely to come across the odd Dummy Board. They are flat, oil painted figures in trompe l'oeil ... often life-sized (sometimes smaller, as is this one), which were placed around the house: in halls, corridors, by fireplaces and on staircases. The edges of the boards were chamfered (a type of bevelling) to increase the illusion of three-dimensions.
According to the Victoria & Albert Museum they originated in the early 17th century and were popular until the 19th century, when they fell out of fashion.
CONDITION: paint losses and some blistering to the surface; the image has been conserved, but not restored or repainted.
SIZE: 38 inches tall, 18 inches wide.
PROVENANCE: Spanish country house, part of a family collection acquired over several generations, which has remained untouched in the hills of Andalusia for the past 50 years.
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Height = 96.5 cm (38")
Width = 46 cm (18")
Depth = 4 cm (2")

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