portrait of a gentleman c1690 attributed to arnold van boonen

Portrait of a Gentleman c.1690; Attributed to Arnold van Boonen.


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Oil on canvas in a good quality 19th century frame. Gilt label on the frame: "VAN BOONEN. From the collection of Quarante Ratazzi"
An excellent portrait of a young gentleman, typical of van Boonen's style and capturing much of the character of the sitter.
ANOLD VAN BOONEN (16 December 1669 – 2 October 1729) was a Dutch portrait painter. He was born at Dordrecht, in the Dutch Republic in 1669. He was a pupil first of Arnold Verbuis, and then of Godefried Schalken. He painted genre pictures in the style of the latter, representing subjects by candlelight, but met with such encouragement in portrait painting that he devoted himself almost wholly to that. His style was well adapted to succeed in it. An excellent colourist and highly skilled, capable of capturing a good likeness, he was soon distinguished as one of the most able artists of his day. He painted a great number of portraits of the most distinguished people of his time, among whom were Peter the Great, the Elector of Mentz, the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, the Prince and Princess of Orange, the great Duke of Marlborough, and several others. He painted some large pictures for the halls of the different companies at Amsterdam and Dordrecht. He died in 1729.
The Dresden Gallery has seven works by him, and the 'Woman Singing' in the Lille Gallery is also attributed to him. His son, Kasper van Boonen, also painted portraits, but in no way proved himself equal to his father.
SIZE: 27.75 x 24.75 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Collection of Quarante Ratazzi.
Cheshire Private Collection.
Verso: Old paper collection number '98' and old Christie's stencil.
Internal Ref: 9139


Height = 71 cm (28")
Width = 63 cm (25")
Depth = 7 cm (3")

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