portrait of princess henrietta anne stuart c1665 by sir peter lely and studio

Portrait of Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart c.1665, by Sir Peter Lely and Studio.



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Oil on canvas in carved and giltwood period frame.
Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart, Duchess of Orleans (1644-1670) was painted by Sir Peter Lely a number of times. Other versions of this portrait are at Goodwood House in the Collection of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, and a quarter length in the National Portrait Gallery.This superb portrait, which has been in a private collection for at least the last 50 years, has recently had old discoloured varnish removed and been expertly conserved.
It was previously thought to be entirely painted by Lely's studio, copying the master's original. However, now the exquisite brushwork can be seen clearly.
Catherine MacLeod, Senior Curator of Seventeenth-Century Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, and the acknowledged expert on Lely's work, remarked in particular on the quality of the yellow drapes and the hands, saying this was likely to be Lely's work. (This on the strength of images, so the usual caveat applies). Adam Busiakiewicz, art historian, is of the same opinion.

Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart was the youngest daughter of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland and his wife, Henrietta Maria of France. Fleeing England during the Civil War with her governess at the age of three, she moved to the court of her first cousin Louis XIV of France. After she married Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, brother of King Louis XIV, known as Monsieur, she became known as Madame. Her marriage was marked by frequent tensions.
Henrietta travelled to England to negotiate the Secret Treaty of Dover which would ultimately be the direct cause of the Third Anglo-Dutch War. Only a few days after returning to France Henrietta, who had been complaining of intermittent pain in her side since 1667, collapsed after drinking a glass of chicory water and died; many, including the victim, believing she had been poisoned.
Jacobite claims to the throne of Great Britain following the death of Henry Benedict Stuart descend from her through her daughter Anne Marie, Queen of Sardinia.
SIR PETER LELY (1618 - 1680) was the most important portraitist in the reign of Charles ll, although he had painted portraits throughout the Commonwealth. His work was strongly influenced by that of Sir Anthony van Dyck. Dutch born as Pieter van der Faes, he became Principal Painter to the King, painting everyone of importance and maintaining a busy and active Studio to help with the huge demand for his portraits. Members of his Studio, many of them talented artists in their own right, went on to establish independent careers.
SIZE: 52.5 x 43 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: English private collection for at least the last 50 years.
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Height = 133.5 cm (53")
Width = 109 cm (43")
Depth = 4.5 cm (2")

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