portrait of lady cole c1700 follower of kneller

Portrait of Lady Cole c.1700; Follower of Kneller.


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Oil on canvas in a reproduction frame. Inscription, upper left, 'Lady Cole'.
The sitter regards us with an even gaze, typical of the 'Augustan' style of portrait so fashionable at this time. A robe, in the manner of Classical statuary, is draped over her shoulder; she touches it delicately. No jewellery is worn as the entire point of this fashion was to create a timeless Graeco/Roman image with its suggestions of ancient aristocracy and aloof style.
Sir Godfrey Kneller was the master of this style and was much emulated by other artists, such as this one.
SIR GODFREY KNELLER (1646-1723) was the most distinguished painter of baroque portraits in England.
Born in Lubeck, he trained with Rembrandt, coming to London in 1676.
By 1679 he had painted the King and remained the most famous and successful portrait painter in England until his death.
In 1688 he was made Principal Painter to the King and was knighted in 1692 and a made a baronet in 1715.
His style had a profound influence on British portraiture and a large number of artists, many very talented in their own right, emulated his fashionable style.
SIZE: 34.5 x 29.75 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Mawley Hall, Shropshire, built in the early 18th century by Sir James Blount, 4th baronet. See images 7 and 8.
Internal Ref: 9151


Height = 87.5 cm (35")
Width = 75.5 cm (30")
Depth = 3 cm (1")

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