portrait sketch of lady francklin c1675 studio of lely

Portrait sketch of Lady Francklin c.1675; Studio of Lely.


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Oil on canvas in a modern frame; the portrait has been conserved, which included lining and new stretchers.
This portrait, a preparatory 'ad vivum' oil sketch for a finished version to be done in the studio, is of great interest. This portrait formed the basis for a more complete portrait now in a private collection in America. Oil sketches were often made ‘from life’ and then taken back to the studio to be worked up. This way copies could be made with ease and the sitters wouldn’t have to sit for too long.
The portrait is interesting on several levels; it is a window into how the fashionable artists of the period coped with the tremendous demand for their work. They established what was almost a production line using several talented assistants, supervised by the Great Man himself. Many of these assistants went on to secure fame and fortune in their own right using the invaluable experience gained in the Master's studio.
It also interesting to note how this rapidly painted portrait has a real vivacity and presence occasionally lacking in some 'over-finished' finished studio products ...this sitter is 'there', on the canvas, as seen with great immediacy, by the artist. it is as if we look directly through his eyes.
The FRANCKLIN family of Bedfordshire. This is an Anglo-Saxon occupational surname meaning “the franklin”, which means “the freeholder”, deriving from the Middle English word frankelein, and earlier the Old French fraunclein. The was a feudal title during the Middle Ages, which generally referred to a person who a freeman and holder of sizeable areas of lands, a gentlemen who ranked above the minor class, but was not as high as a knight or member of the nobility.
The first Bedfordshire Francklin was William Francklin of Thurleigh in the eary/mid 15th century, the youngest son of Robert Francklin of Skipton-in Craven, Yorkshire.
The Francklins of Bedfordshire were significant land owners, and there are memorials to them in the churches of Great Barford and Bolnhurst, among others. They were at Bolnhurst from 1483 to 1944.
Possibly this lady is the one who married Sir William Francklin, knighted in 1675. Further research is required.
SIR PETER LELY (1618 - 1680) was the most important portraitist in the reign of Charles ll, although he had painted portraits throughout the Commonwealth. Principal Painter to the King, he painted everyone of importance, maintaining a busy and active Studio to help with the huge demand for his portraits. Members of his Circle, and his Followers, many of them talented artists in their own right, emulated his style to supply this constant market.
SIZE: canvas, 53 x 43 cm. Framed, 65 x 55 cm.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, England.
Internal Ref: francklin


Height = 65 cm (26")
Width = 55 cm (22")
Depth = 5 cm (2")

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