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List of Stock

18th c. carved and giltwood candlestick.
Indian casket, 19th century.
George III mahogany corner cupboard c.1770.
Carved and giltwood chair(s) [priced individually]
18th c. French gateleg dining table
Pair of 19th c. candlesticks
Late 17th/early 18th c. stool.
Qing Dynasty garden seat
17th c. studded leather bound chest on stand
Portrait of a Young Boy and his Dog c.1775; English School.
Portrait of Gervais Nevile c.1720; attributed to Jonathan Richardson Snr.
Portrait of a Young Lady c.1770; Attributed to Angelica Kauffman
Portrait of a Gentleman 1666, Attributed to Samuel van Hoogstraten.
Double Portrait of a Lady and Gentleman c.1740; Attributed to Francis Hayman R.A.
Portrait of Christian de Beauvoir de Lisle 1916, by Leon Sprinck
Portrait of Thomas Lee c.1720; by A.R. Whytton.
Portrait of a Young Girl c.1670; Circle or Studio of Abraham Lambertsz van den Tempel.
Charlotte, Lady Owen of Orielton c.1810; Circle of Sir Thomas Lawrence.
Portrait of a Young Child 1797: Attributed to Jeanne-Elisabeth Chaudet.
Portrait of Miss Maitland c.1710; Follower of Jonathan Richardson.
Portrait of John Shute Barrington, 1st Viscount Barrington; Circle of John Michael Wright.
Queen Anne/George I walnut bureau c. 1710/20.
Portrait of Marjorie McInnes 1921 by Cowan Dobson RBA, RP.
Portrait of a Young Boy 1711, by John Verelst.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1735; Attributed to William Verelst.
Portrait of a Young Gentleman of the Blunt family c.1750, Follower of Thomas Hudson.
Portrait of a Young Boy and His Dog, early 18th century: English School.
Portrait of a Lady 1631, by Jan van Ravesteyn
Portrait of a Boy in Red c.1720: Follower of John Verelst.
1920s woolwork cushion in 17th century style.
Huge Chinese blue and white bowl.
Portrait of a Young Gentleman c.1685; Attributed to Johann Kerseboom.
Portrait of John Robinson of Denston Hall, Suffolk c.1700; Circle of Sir Godfrey Kneller
Portrait of Colonel Claes Piper c.1800, Circle of Angelica Kauffman.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1695; by John Closterman.
Double portrait of Colonel and Mrs. Adams c.1720; Studio of Philip Mercier.
Portrait of a Boy and Dog c.1740: English School.
Portrait of a Boy of the Crawley-Boevey Family of Flaxley Abbey (?) c.1780; English School.
Portrait of a Boy with his Pets c.1850; Provincial English School.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1750: Attributed to Andrea Soldi.
George III Chippendale period mahogany chair c.1760.
Portrait of Two Young Girls and Their Spaniel c. 1770, Circle of Charles Willson Peale.
Portrait traditionally said to be of Sir Jeffrey Hudson, 17th/18th century, After Daniel Mytens.
Portrait of an Officer c.1710; Attributed to Sir Godfrey Kneller.
Pewter charger c.1720.
Eight pewter plates, 1680 - 1800.
Portrait of William Helyar c. 1745: English School.
Portrait of a Lady c.1680; Circle of Sir Peter Lely.
Portrait of a Young Gentleman c.1730; Circle of Francesco Trevisani.
Portrait of a Young Boy and His Dog c.1850: English Provincial School.
Portrait of a Lady c.1685: Circle of Adriaen Hanneman.
Walnut bureau c.1730.
Portrait of Philippe II, Duke of Orleans c.1706; Attributed to Jean-Baptiste Santerre.
Portrait of Elizabeth, Countess of Carnarvon c.1650; Attributed to David Des Granges.
Portrait of R. Parsons, officer of the Derbyshire Light Cavalry, 1800. Studio or Circle of Sir Thomas Lawrence.
Portrait of Francis Gregor 1713, by William Gandy.
Portrait of a Young Gentleman, probably of the Leader family c.1710; Follower of Sir Godfrey Kneller.
Portrait of a Gentleman of the Palmes family, c.1695; Attributed to John Closterman.
Portrait of a Member of the Palmes family, c.1670: Circle of sir Peter Lely.
Portrait of Charles Bertie III, 1723; Attributed to Charles D'Agar.
Portrait of a Young Lady as Diana the Huntress c.1635; Circle of Jan Mytens
Portrait of a Lady c.1695; Circle of Michael Dahl.
Portrait of a Lady of the Haworth Family, c.1850; English School.
Portrait of Thomas Haworth c.1713; Circle of Charles Jervas.
Portrait of Miss Kathleen Bell 1936, by Bertram Priestman R.A.
Portrait of Benjamin Haworth c. 1750; Circle of Allan Ramsay.
Portrait of a Member of the Haworth Family c.1725; Circle of Jonathan Richardson.
Portrait of a Young Girl c.1680; Attributed to Mary Beale.
Portrait thought to be of Anne Lady Somerset c.1640, Attributed to Theodore Russell.
Portrait of The Hon. Frederick John Shore, c.1820, by Arthur William Devis.
Portrait of Phillipa Speke, later Lady Trenchard, 1682; by William Wissing.
Portrait of a Lady and her Child c.1818; By George Henry Harlow.
Portrait of Three French Aristocratic Children c.1690; Attributed to Pierre Mignard.
Portrait of a Lady c.1700; Circle of Kneller.
Portrait of a Girl Feeding a Deer c.1720, by Thomas Gibson.
Portrait of Louis XIV as a Boy, c.1642; Circle or Studio of Charles Beaubrun.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1720; Attributed to William Aikman.
Portrait of Louis XV as a Boy, After Pierre Gobert.
Chinese Lacquered Leather Document Box, Shanxi Province, C19th.
Portrait of Mary Dodding 1677, by John Michael Wright.
Portrait of Jean Davidson, Mrs. Robertson, 18th century; Follower of Allan Ramsay.
Portrait of Prince Rupert, mid 17th century; Studio or Circle of Van Honthorst.
'The Monkey King'; needlework panel c.1720.
Pair of Portraits of Sir Neville and Lady Catlin, c.1658; Attributed to John Hayls.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1680; Follower of John Michael Wright.
Portrait Bust of Sappho c.1900 by HL Blasche for Reps & Trinte
Portrait of an Officer c. 1770; by Tilly Kettle.
Ming Dynasty Terracotta Funerary Table from China, 15th-16th Century.
Still life of Fruit, Flowers and a Parrot, c.1880-1910.
Oak side table c.1690-1720 and later.
Portrait of James, Duke of Monmouth as a Youth c.1650; Circle of Lely.
Portrait of Elizabeth Ogle, Circle of Michael Dahl.
Magnificent carved walnut armchairs, Dutch, 17th century.
Portrait of Mary, Lady Vere; Circle of William Larkin.
Portrait of a Lady c.1700, by Michael Dahl.
Cushion framed mirror c.1690.
Portrait of a Young Boy 1692; Follower of Largilliere.
Portrait of Madame de Harlay, After Nicolas de Largilliere.
Portrait of a Gentleman and his Greyhound 1758, by Edward Alcock.
Portrait of Elizabeth Wentworth (?), c.1620; Circle of Marcus Gheeraerts.
Portrait of William Grenaway 1730, by John Theodore Heins.
Portrait of Mrs. Grenaway 1730, by John Theodore Heins.
Small 17th century carved giltwood mirror.
Tang Dynasty Attendant Figure, 7th - 10th century
Portrait of a Lady c. 1690; Circle or Studio of Largilliere.
Portrait of Edward Bishop c1700, by Bartholomeus van Burgindis.
Portrait of James Bishop c.1703, by Bartholomeus Van Burgindis.
Portrait of a Member of the Bishop Family c.1703, by Bartholomeus Van Burgindis.
Portrait of Miss Catherine Johnson 1710; by Anthony Russel
'Japanned' chair c.1700 - 15.
Charles II carved walnut chair c.1675-85.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1690; Attributed to Arnold van Boonen.
'The Cardinal'; a pottery bust by John Fortnum.
Delft charger, 18th century.
Portrait of Captain John Spring c.1835; Attributed to William Salter.
Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Hu.
Ming Dynasty Attendant Figure (1368-1644)
James II walnut armchair c.1685.
Portrait of Lady Cole c.1700; Follower of Kneller.
James II walnut armchair c.1685.
Delft charger c.1760.
Pencil/pen holder made from the woodwork of RMS Mauretania.
An English Ship and Other Vessels in a Gale, early 18th century; After Willem van de Velde
Dutch Ships in a Sea Battle c.1690, Follower of Abraham Storck.
Portrait of Captain Mackinley c.1830, by Sir William Beechey.
Portrait of Queen Mary II, After William Wissing.
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1695; Attributed to John Closterman
Portrait of the Hon. William Feilding c.1710; by Michael Dahl.
Portrait of Catharina Margaretha Beck c.1695; Attributed to Johannes van Haensbergen.
A carved beech chair c.1685.
Triple Portrait of a Dutch Family c.1635; Follower of Thomas de Keyser.
Bristol delft c1750
Bristol delft bianco supra bianco plate c.1760-70
Portrait of a Lady c.1618; Studio or Circle of Cornelis van der Voort.
Pair of Portraits c.1850; French School.
Portrait of Queen Marie of France c.1760; Studio or Circle of Maurice Quentin de la Tour.
Portrait of Jane, Lady Hoskyns (?) after Wissing.
Portrait of a Lady c.1700, by Michael Dahl.
A carved James II chair c.1685.
Pair of Portraits of a Lady and a Gentleman, Attributed to William Wissing (1656-1687)
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1765, said to be a member of the Bree family; Follower of Thomas Hudson. .
Late 17th/early 18th century Florentine carved and giltwood mirror.
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1665; by Jacob Huysmans and Studio
Norfolk chest, mid 18th c. and later.
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1700 by a Follower of Kneller
SOLD....Portrait of Mary Dowdeswell c.1695; by Michael Dahl
Classically decorated vase c. 1850
SOLD...Portrait of Duncan Forbes of Culloden (1570-1654); Scottish School
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1785, thought to be Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; attributed to John Russell R.A.
SOLD....Portrait of a Young Boy c.1650; Follower of Pieter Nason
SOLD...Charles l; after Van Dyck
SOLD....'The Shepherdess of the Alps' by Thomas Gaugain
SOLD...Portrait of a Young Girl c.1700, by Robert Byng
SOLD....Portrait of Thomas Oxenden 1603; Circle of Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
SOLD...Oliver Cromwell; after Lely
SOLD....Portrait of Lady Anne Cecil c.1635; Circle of Van Dyck
SOLD.....Portrait of Sir Richard Weston, c. 1630; Attributed to Cornelius de Neve
SOLD....Portrait of a Lady c.1660 (possibly Anne Lindsay, Duchess of Rothes) ; Follower of Jan Mytens
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1628; attributed to Cornelis de Vos
SOLD....Portrait of a Lady in a Black Hat c.1630; Studio of Cornelius Johnson
SOLD....Portrait of a Gentleman c.1685; attributed to John Closterman
SOLD...Portrait of a Child c.1625; Circle of Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp
SOLD....Portrait of a Young Girl c.1700; Circle of Robert Byng
SOLD....Portrait of a Boy c.1730; attrib. to Dirk Heins
SOLD....Portrait of Jenny Myddelton (?) and her Spaniel c.1675: Attributed to Mary Beale
SOLD....Portrait of 'Miss Penelope Johnson' c. 1775, by Thomas Hickey
SOLD...Portrait of William Feilding Esq c.1695; Circle of Dahl
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1680; attributed to Caspar Netscher
SOLD...Portrait of Anne, daughter of Lord Elphinstone, (later Lady Torphichen); Circle of Henry Tilson
SOLD....Portrait of a Gentleman c.1665; Attributed to Pieter Borssaelaer
SOLD....Portrait of Mary, Duchess of Ormonde c.1695, by Michael Dahl
SOLD....Portrait of a Young Lady (Hon Catherine Alington ?) with a Parrot c.1695; Circle of Kneller
SOLD...Portrait of a Lady 1743; attributed to Moses Vanderbank
SOLD....Portrait of a French infantry officer 1792; French School
Carved and inlaid oak coffer c.1630
SOLD.....Portrait of a Gentleman 1743 attributed to Moses Vanderbank
SOLD....Anne of Austria, Queen of France; French School, 17th century
SOLD....Portrait of Lady Shepherd c. 1675; Follower of Lely
SOLD...Portrait of a Young Lady c.1770; Circle of Sir Nathaniel Dance R.A.
SOLD....Portrait of a Physician c. 1780; Follower of Sir Nathaniel Dance R.A.
SOLD....Portrait of Anna Maria, Baroness Dacre c.1740; Circle of Van Loo
SOLD....Portrait of a Lady c.1710; English School
SOLD....Portrait of Matthew Prior c. 1700; attributed to Sir Godfrey Kneller
SOLD....Portrait of Lady Anne Fitzroy, Countess of Sussex c.1665; Studio or Circle of Lely
Portrait of a Gentleman c.1780, attributed to Francis Alleyne
SOLD...Portrait of Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II c.1670; Studio or Circle of Lely
SOLD....Portrait of Charles Pym Esquire c.1710; attributed to Sir Godfrey Kneller
SOLD....Portrait of King Henri IV of France c. 1595; French School.
SOLD.......Portrait of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, 17th century; after Johann Boeckhorst
SOLD.....Portrait of a Young Lady c. 1765; Circle of Francois-Hubert Drouais
SOLD....Portrait of a Noblewoman c.1600-1620: Anglo-Dutch School
SOLD....Portrait of Frances Lambert, Lady Middleton c.1690; Attributed Sir Godfrey Kneller.
SOLD...Portrait of a Young Lady c.1700; Follower of Kneller
SOLD....Portrait of Queen Anne c.1705; Circle of Dahl
SOLD....Portrait of a Scottish Nobleman 1627; by Adam de Colone
SOLD...Portrait of a Noblewoman c.1710; Circle of Kneller
SOLD.....Portrait of a Gentleman c. 1685; attributed to Mary Beale
SOLD....Portrait of Lady Lucy Pelham by Cornelius Johnson
SOLD....Portrait of a Gentleman c.1650; Circle of Cornelius Johnson