soldportrait of a lady c1680 attributed to caspar netscher

SOLD...Portrait of a Lady c.1680; attributed to Caspar Netscher



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Oil on canvas in late 18th c. Continental part gilt frame.
This 'portrait de cabinet' (a painting for a small intimate room known as a cabinet) is a characteristic example of the international baroque style of which Netscher was a prime proponent; it elegantly exemplifies the artist's interest in depicting the luxurious.
The painting is as much a study of fine clothes and expensive textiles as it a portrayal of a lady. Netscher was particularly renowned for his skill in depicting white satin. The tactile and visual richness of the cloth is captured brilliantly, and seems to gleam with inviting realism contrasting with the fashionably pale skin of the sitter.
The lady gracefully rests an arm on a costly rug and looks invitingly at the viewer, a bowl of roses to her left (white for spiritual love, red for carnal) and a park in the background. Her serene composure complements the luxury of her attire and surroundings, unifying in the painting with a sense of extravagent beauty.
CASPAR NETSCHER(1639-84) was a Dutch portraitist of Holland's Golden Age of painting. In his early career at The Hague, where he settled in 1651, he also painted genre and religious scenes; but from c.1670 onwards he devoted himself exclusively to the portrait, often of Court members in The Hague, earning a considerable fortune. His reputation was so highly regarded that he was invited to England by King Charles II.
Netscher worked elegantly and with a bit of French influence, exquisitely finished and influencing Dutch portraiture into the 18th century.
SIZE: 32 x 22.5 inches inc. frame
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, Surrey.
Private Collection, Cheshire.

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