soldportrait of catherine of braganza wife of king charles ii c1670 studio or circle of lely

SOLD...Portrait of Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II c.1670; Studio or Circle of Lely



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Oil on canvas in a Late Georgian frame.
A good portrait of Catherine of Braganza; a version 'in little' by Lely's Studio or Circle of a larger painting by Lely.
An image of this painting can be seen at the Bridgeman Art Library, the portrait is now in a private collection.
Lely's original drawing for this portrait is in the Hermitage State Museum, Russia and can be viewed online at the Hermitage Digital Collection.
This richly decorated portrait of Charles II's queen is a fine example of Lely's ability to produce a vibrant yet functional courtly image. The material of the dress and the movement captured in the drapery as well the contrasting textures of carved gold and smooth silk are fine examples of the artistic mastery for which Lely was famous. As a royal portrait, this image and duplications of it would have been used by loyal followers of the Court who wished to demonstrate their allegiance.
Catherine of Braganza (16381705) was a Portuguese princess and Queen consort of Charles II of England, whom she married in 1662, bringing Tangier and Bombay as part of her dowry. The marriage was childless and she had to tolerate the king's numerous and blatant infidelities.
As a Roman Catholic, she was unpopular and there were attempts to implicate her in the 'Popish Plot'.
King Charles died in 1685 and in 1692 Catherine returned to Portugal, where she later died.
(Our thanks to Rita Wierzbicki for her help in identifying the sitter, formerly thought to be Barbara Villiers).
SIR PETER LELY (1618 - 1680) was the most important portraitist in the reign of Charles ll. Principal Painter to the King, he painted everyone of importance, maintaining a busy and active Studio to help with the huge demand for his portraits.
SIZE: 36.5 x 33 inches framed
30.5 x 25.5 canvas size
18th c. frame has several damages.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, London.
Internal Ref: 8455

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