portrait of mrs christian c1780 attributed to john foldsone

Portrait of Mrs Christian c1780; Attributed to John Foldsone.



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Oil on canvas in reproduction frame.
A charming portrait of this atractive young lady, seemingly lost in thought. She is dressed in the height of fashion of the time, her wig lightly powdered and a silk shawl draped negligently over her arm.
JOHN FOLDSONE (FOLDSTONE) fl.1769-1784. He was a portrait and history painter but only portraits are known.
He enjoyed success from 1769, living in London, in Little Castle Street, and later in Newman Street, but died young in 1784 leaving a wife and children.
He was the father of the miniature painter Mrs. Anne Mee.
Foldsone exhibited at the Society of Artists of Great Britain 1769-70 and the Royal Academy 1771-83. His speciality was small portraits such as this one which he painted at the sitter's home. This portrait, like much of his work, shows the influence of Reynolds and Romney.
His pair of portraits showing Elizabeth Haffey, and her brother, John Burges Haffey, as children, were engraved in mezzotint by Robert Laurie.
Foldsone's work can be seen at the National Trust property Stouhead and at Grimsthorpe Castle.
SIZE: 26 x 22 inches inc. frame.
VERSO: partial old handwritten label "Mrs. Christian, mother of Harriet, afterwards Mrs. Norman Co..."
PROVENANCE: English Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 8626

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