huge chinese blue and white bowl

Huge Chinese blue and white bowl.


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This is an absolutely spectacular ceramic; the skill needed to pot such a large bowl is great.
Over 2 foot in diameter, 9.5 inches deep and of considerable weight this is a commanding piece.
Beautifully hand painted with lotus and chrysanthemum scrolls; lotus conveys the notion of happiness in maturity, creative power, genius and marital happiness; the chrysanthemum represents autumn, joviality and a life of ease.
The bold decoration, with cresting waves and the lotus and chrysanthemum are in the 15th century style of the Ming Dynasty, although they were revived in the 18th century under the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.
This bowl, superb as it is, is neither of those. Dating only from the late 20th century it is a homage by a modern potter to the masters of the past.
As can easily be seen on this website we deal in fine antique items, not reproduction items....however, this bowl is so magnificent that an exception was made; although not old it is a fine art object. If it were what it appears to be it would be of immense value. We make no apology for its would enhance any room.
DIMENSIONS: 25 inches in diameter. 9.5 inches tall.
Internal Ref: 8809


Height = 24 cm (10")
Width = 62 cm (25")
Depth = 24 cm (10")

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