portrait of a lady of the keck family c1715 circle of michael dahl

Portrait of a Lady of the Keck family c.1715: Circle of Michael Dahl



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Oil on canvas in giltwood frame and slip.
The lady is probably a member of the wealthy and landed Keck family. (A portrait of Anne Keck, stock no. 8867, from the same collection, can be found on this site.)
Stoughton Grange and estate, owned by the Beaumonts, passed to Anthony Keck of Lincolns Inn as his wife was Anne Busby of Beaumont, daughter of William Busby and Catherine Beaumont his wife. They had a son Anthony James Keck who became a politician and married Elizabeth Legh (daughter of Peter Legh of Lyme). The couple lived at Stoughton Grange and had six children, the only son to survive and inherit was George Anthony Legh Keck who lived at the house until he married his cousin Elizabeth Atherton in 1802 so that he could inherit the family’s Bank Hall estate in Lancashire. It was following the marriage that he moved to Bank Hall which he later renovated in 1832 and used Stoughton as a second home. Legh Keck remained a member of parliament for Leicestershire and frequently travelled between the estates. Upon the death of Legh Keck his brother-in-law Thomas Powys, 3rd Baron Lilford, inherited his estates, but also died a year later.
In 1871 Harry Leycester Powys Keck lived at Stoughton Grange and was High Sheriff of Leicestershire. Powys Keck was the last line of the family to live at the house until 1913 when the house was put up for sale. The house was not sold and it remained unoccupied until it was demolished in 1925–6. However, Powys Keck moved away after the Stoughton estate was bought by the Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. in 1919 the site of the mansion was then known as Grange Farm, the centre of the society's dairy-farming in Leicestershire.
VERSO: old storage label for Jordan and Cook Ltd of the Worthing Pantechnicon. Item numbered 14, owner Mrs. Powys-Keck. 13-7-65.
This Mrs. Powys Keck is almost certainly Joyce Hills, the daughter of Albert Hills. She married Thomas Leycester Powys Keck of Stoughton Grange, Leicestershire on 5 November 1949. He died aged 39 in 1959. Mrs. Powys Keck was living in Littlehampton, Sussex at the beginning of the 21st century.
MICHAEL DAHL (1659 - 1743).
Dahl was a painter of exceptional talent and regarded as the only really serious rival to Sir Godfrey Kneller, for royal patronage, during the years 1690-1714. Dahl's patterns were undoubtedly indebted to the fashion set by Kneller, but Dahl had a lighter palette, his brushwork applied in shorter and more careful strokes.
His self portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery and he is famed for having painted a series of wonderful female portraits for the Duke of Somerset, now at Petworth House, and known as the Petworth Beauties.
Dahl's portraits of members of the royal family hang at Kensington Palace and Windsor and other examples of his work can be found at the Tate and National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
SIZE: 34 x 29 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: *Collection of Mrs. Powys Keck.
*Private Collection, Sussex.
Internal Ref: 8847

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