james ii armchair c1685

James II armchair c.1685.



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An elegant armchair of the James II period, c.1685, tall and graceful, this was an important new stage in English chair design.
This style of cane backed and seated chairs had represented a revolution in seating comfort, but with the disadvantage of fragility.
A surprising number of these chairs still exist (they were made in their thousands) but many are now suitable only for decorative purposes as woodworm, frequent recaning, and damage to the joints and the tall backs have rendered them virtually unusable. This is not the case with this one. This chair, over 300 years old, with its glorious sculptural quality, is not just a joy to look at but also to use....when the seat is recaned, or a drop in one fitted. As usual with these chairs there are signs of old woodworm, but now defunct.
The crest rail is carved with the highly fashionable 'boyes and crown'. This, and the front rail, are deftly executed with bold cuts of the chisel. This is typical of the sort of carving performed by London chairmakers at this period, by which maximum effect is achieved with the minimum of work.
This chair, of glorious colour and patina, has clearly had a life of much use...but also it has been much loved, repaired several times so that it could continue in use.
As can be seen from the images there is a small damage area to the seat cane, on the reverse of the back strengthening wooden slats have been fitted; one side of the seat frame has broken/rotted away and has been mended with a 'blacksmith's repair' (a handmade bracket to take the strain, with a matching one at the other side); and the ends of both arms have been replaced .... all these repairs are themselves of considerable age.
The chair bears these marks of its past with pride as visible proof of over 300 years of service.
SIZE:43.5 inches tall, 23 inches wide, 23 inches deep.
PROVENANCE: Old Yorkshire Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 9065


Height = 110 cm (44")
Width = 58 cm (23")
Depth = 58 cm (23")

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