portrait of a lady c 1690 circle or studio of largilliere

Portrait of a Lady c. 1690; Circle or Studio of Largilliere.


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Oil on canvas in an appropriate reproduction frame.
The attractive unknown sitter was clearly a lady of wealth and status; she regards us with a quiet confidence. She wears many pearls...the Baroque jewel par excellence... not only highly fashionable but also signifying purity and chastity (concepts more admired than honoured at this time in the Court!).
NICOLAS de LARGILLIERE (baptized Oct. 10, 1656, Paris, France—died March 20, 1746, Paris), French historical and portrait painter who excelled in painting likenesses of the wealthy middle classes. Most artists of his time took as their standard of excellence the adherence to Classical models and an emphasis on drawing, while some broke away in favour of the style of Rubens and an emphasis on colour. Trained in Antwerp and showing great admiration for the Flemish masters, Largillière came to be looked upon as a pioneer by those 18th-century artists who followed the later, more modern course. In 1709, he painted the royal family portrait of The Family of Louis XIV. This portrait shows King Louis XIV, Madame de Ventadour (governess of the children of the Duke of Burgundy), the 3-year old Louis, Duke of Brittany (1707–1712), Louis, Grand Dauphin and Louis, Duke of Burgundy, future Dauphin.
Highly honoured in his lifetime, he was made Chancellor of the Academy in 1743.
SIZE: 33 x 27 including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Cheshire private collection.
Internal Ref: 9128


Height = 84 cm (33")
Width = 68.5 cm (27")
Depth = 5.5 cm (2")

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