portrait of a gentleman late 1920searly 1930s english school

Portrait of a Gentleman late 1920s/early 1930s, English School



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Oil on canvas, unframed.
A sensitive portrait of a young man, identity unknown.
This is a good quality paiinting by an artist of considerable talent, as yet unidentified.
The technique and the casual attire of the sitter are typical of the period and ecocative of that time between the wars when the 'jeunesse doree' flourished...'flappers', sports cars and jazz soon to be overshadowed by the rise of Nazism and young men like the sitter would change their cravats and casual clothes for uniform.
SIZE: 30 x 25 unframed
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, an Elizabethan country house in East Anglia.
Internal Ref: nrfk7

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