portrait of george lee c1700 by robert byng

Portrait of George Lee c.1700, by Robert Byng.


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Oil on canvas in a very fine carved and giltwood frame; this is the original frame and is a work of art in its own right.
Verso: old label identifying the sitter.
This is an extremely charming portrait of a wealthy young boy.
As well as his fashionable cravat, George wears fanciful garments intended to invoke the Classic tradition. This was called 'raising the sitter' and the idea was that the image would not date so quickly and become old fashioned in appearance.
George is standing in a landscape, probably the mythical Land of Arcady, or Arcadia, (a rustic paradise where beauty, love and truth reigned). This was a fashionable conceit of the time. Thus his bow and arrows seem likely to relate to Cupid, God of Love, rather than for hunting.
ROBERT BYNG (1666 - 1720) was born in Wiltshire, but is buried in Oxford where he died in 1720, having lived there since before 1714.
He was a pupil of, and very strongly influenced by, Sir Godfrey Kneller (Principal Painter to the King and the most distinguished Baroque portraitist in England). Byng was especially noted for his portraits of children.
Byng's earliest dated portraits are c.1697; one of his younger brothers, Edward, was drapery painter to Kneller and his principal assistant.
SIZE: 38 x 32 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Collection of R.M. Chambers, Harley Street, London.
The Simon Carter Gallery, Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Bought by M.R. Soames, Carton, Suffolk, in July 1985 for 985.
Internal Ref: 9226


Height = 96.5 cm (38")
Width = 81 cm (32")
Depth = 6 cm (3")

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