a fine small silk needlework c1660 in a walnut frame

A fine small silk needlework c.1660, in a walnut frame.


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An enchanting small silk needlework panel, c.1660, depicting a lady seated by a well in a rural landscape, a camel by her side, and a castellated town beyond.
This is the story from the Old Testament
Rebecca went to the well outside her city and encountered a stranger who identified her as the answer to his prayers. The backstory, according to Genesis 24:1122, is that the aged Abraham wanted a wife for his son Isaac and sent his senior steward to his homeland of Mesopotamia to find a suitable woman.
Set in an oval ribbon border with a gold velvet surround, in excellent condition.
Mounted within a parquetry walnut frame.
DIMENSIONS: Frame 11.75 x 10.5 inches.
Panel 6 x 4.5 inches.
PROVENANCE: Shropshire Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 9261


Height = 29.5 cm (12")
Width = 26.5 cm (11")
Depth = 2 cm (1")

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