A fine small silk needlework c.1660, in ...

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An enchanting small silk needlework panel, c.1660, depicting a lady seated by a well in a rural landscape, a camel by her side, and a castellated town beyond.
This is the story from the Old Testament
Rebecca went to the well outside her city and encountered a stranger who identified her as the answer to his prayers. The backstory, according to Genesis 24:1122, is that the aged Abraham wanted a wife for his son Isaac and sent his senior steward to his homeland of Mesopotamia to find a suitable woman.

Set in an oval ribbon border with a gold velvet surround, in excellent condition.
Mounted within a parquetry walnut frame.

DIMENSIONS: Frame 11.75 x 10.5 inches.
Panel 6 x 4.5 inches.
PROVENANCE: Shropshire Private Collection.

A pair of portrait embroideries of Charles ...

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A rare pair of English embroidery panels of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria c.1640.
They have been attached to a later silk backing; the frames are Regency c. 1820 and, as shown in image 10, the backing paper of one of them is from a newspaper dated 1819, so there is no doubt that they were framed at that time.
There are some slight damages and discolorations to the items, but essentially they are in good condition.

SIZE: 12 x 9.5 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: With Joanna Booth, Kings Road, London in the 1970s.
Then in the Collection of Mike Handford, Burford, Oxfordshire.

1920s woolwork cushion in 17th century style. ...

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A charming woolwork done in the naive style of a seventeenth century stumpwork, authentic in appearance.
Excellent condition, linen backing and feather filling.
SIZE:20 x 21 inches.
PROVENANCE: by descent in a Yorkshire family since new.

Metal Thread Needlework, c.1580-c.1620.

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An extremely rare and fine needlework, Late Elizabethan/Early Jacobean, it shows an aerial view of a garden quadrangle with flowers, shrubs and trees. Worked in gold and silver thread on a silk background, accompanied by silk thread flowers and silver spangles .. these have tarnished over the centuries and now show as dark grey.
This is a remarkable survival of costly and aristocratic fashion of the period in astonishingly good condition. It is now in a reproduction frame of 17th century type.
SIZE: 10 x 12.25 inches embroidery. 17 x 19.5 inches framed size.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection for the last 40 years.

Victorian needlework sampler 1886

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This sampler, created by the young Fanny Lodge in the Victorian period, is in truly wonderful condition .. the colours as bright as the day they were used.
It has been in one family since new, and spent the the first hundred years of its life in tissue paper in a drawer.
Framed in 1987, it has since hung out of direct light, and thus is remarkably unfaded and undamaged.
To find a needlework of this age and in 'as new' condition is extremely rare .. this is a collector's item of museum quality.

SIZE: 15.25 x 12.25 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: In one family since made.

'The Monkey King'; needlework panel c.1720.

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A good quality Georgian petit point needlework, first third of the 18th century, in excellent condition; a rare item.
SIZE: 19.5 x 15.5 inches framed.
PROVENANCE: Sussex Private Collection.
Yorkshire Private Collection since 1997.

Needlework picture c.1740

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Framed and under glass, this charming Early Georgian needlework shows a fashionably dressed lady in a garden; she sits, sheltered by trees, apparently not alarmed by the giant insects flying past her! Actually, insects and flowers were nearly always depicted out of scale in this manner.
The colours of this artwork are still remarkably strong, especially as it is nearly 300 years old; clearly previous owners have sensibly kept it out of strong light.

The frame is not of the same period, but is a fine piece of 19th century 'medieval' carving.

SIZE: 13 x 15 inches including the frame.
Needlework size: 7 x 9 inches
PROVENANCE: Private Collection for the last 45 years.

Crewelwork cushion

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A superb quality example of needlework, 1920s, in the Jacobean style. Depicting the Tree of Life with the colours still unfaded, this is a beautiful item created by a talented needlewoman almost 100 years ago.
Now presented as a linen cushion with feather filling.
In order to ensure the needlework's long term survival it might be better to frame it; it is, after all, as much a work of art as is a painting.
SIZE: 16 x 16 inches.
PROVENANCE: By descent in a Yorkshire family from new.

Fine needlework cushion c.1920 in Jacobean style. ...

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An exquisitely crafted needlework cushion, silk on linen, feather filled. Made almost 100 years ago in the 17th century style the colours are still bright, and represent the Tree of Life.
The needlewoman who created this was truly an artist, and one with great patience as well as skill.

There are two small repairs to the linen backing.

SIZE: 18 x 18 inches.
PROVENANCE: One Yorkshire family since created by a member of that family.