a still life trompe l'oeil c1850 manner of strickland lowry

A still life trompe l'oeil c.1850; Manner of Strickland Lowry.



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A trompe l'oeil still life of an engraving titled "A Storm", on a wooden background. Inscribed faintly 'A Ship in Distress, Breaking.... Painted by F... . 1850".
This is a remarkable painting, truly an 'eye deceiver'; it seems that a tattered print is attached to the wooden boards by sealing wax, and as a further touch of verisimilitude, a fly crawls on the boards.
The painting has an excellent surface and the canvas has never been lined. The frame is a later one, but suits the painting perfectly.
STRICKLAND LOWRY (c.1737-c.1785) was a portrait painter and engraver. Born at Whitehaven, said to have died at Worcester. He practised also in the Midlands where he built up a reputation. He also worked in Dublin and Northern Ireland.
SIZE: 23.25 x 20 inches including the frame.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, Salisbury, Wiltshire. VERSO: an old Christie's stencilled number, and the inscription 'Nov.11, 55'.
Internal Ref: 9119


Height = 59 cm (23")
Width = 51 cm (20")
Depth = 3 cm (1")

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