william and mary marquetry mirror c1695

William and Mary marquetry mirror c.1695.


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This is an object of great beauty, the frame of good faded colour and patina, the glass appropriately and subtly distressed but throwing an excellent reflection. The slightly bevelled glass is almost certainly the original.
An antique mirror glass should not be perfect; the silvering is often worn. While there are ways to resilver an original glass, remember that slight blemishes or "diamond dusting" in an antique mirror is considered highly desirable.
Mirror glass was a great luxury during the late 17th century, for it was in short supply and, at the time, only produced and exported from Italy. A large example such as this rare William and Mary mirror would have belonged to a family of great wealth and prestige. Since the process to produce mirrored glass was so costly and labour-intensive, the frames that surrounded these treasured items were important in both function and design. It seems odd to modern minds that the mirror glass was much more valuable than the exquisite frames, which were there just to protect the glass.
When choosing a mirror for any room in your house, remember that mirrors give space...they don't take up space. A small rooms is instantly larger when a mirror is placed in it. A gloomy hall can be transformed by a judiciously placed mirror. Pier mirrors were often placed between windows where the wall was dark to add light and air. So, don't assume that your small room will need a small mirror; just the opposite may be true.
SIZE: 32.75 x 25.25 inches.
PROVENANCE: Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 9243


Height = 83 cm (33")
Width = 64 cm (25")
Depth = 7.5 cm (3")

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