oak 'poppy head' c15801630

Oak 'poppy head', c1580/1630.



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This is a rare item, removed from a church pew, beautifully carved on both sides.
Poppy head is a generic term applied to the carved finial of a wooden pew end. Although an actual carving of a poppy head was frequently used, in practice poppy-heads might be carved to represent practically anything. The term comes from the French 'poupee' meaning doll.
Some of these carvings were intentionally damaged by iconoclasts during the Reformation, or later by Puritan fanatics, and in some churches you can clearly see where poppy-heads have been lopped off or defaced.
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 7 x 2.5 inches.
PROVENANCE: Probably an Oxfordshire church.
Private Collection, Burford, Oxfordshire. (see last image)
Internal Ref: 9300


Height = 31 cm (12")
Width = 17.5 cm (7")
Depth = 6.5 cm (3")

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